80th Annual Academy Awards Picks / Predictions

2007 was a good year for movies.

The year started out a little slowly, but the last six months have been peppered by more good movies than I’ve had time to see. Next on the list to see: Persepolis (playing in Bozeman!).

Here’s my selection of picks for tonight’s Academy Awards:

  • Actor in a leading role: Daniel Day-Lewis (There Will Be Blood)

  • Actor in a supporting role: Tom Wilkinson (Michael Clayton)
  • Animated Feature: Persepolis
  • Cinematography: No Country for Old Men
  • Costume Design: Across the Universe (?)
  • Directing: It’s a toss up between There Will Be Blood (Paul Thomas Anderson) and No Country for Old Men (The Coen Brothers). Anderson is probably slightly more deserving of the award, simply based on “Blood” vs “No Country,” but the Academy owes the Coen Brothers an Oscar for Best Directing–for Fargo, specifically, and also just with respect to their body of work.

    Film Editing: ???

  • Original Score: 3:10 to Yuma (?)
  • Best Picture: No Country for Old Men
  • Sound Mixing: No Country for Old Men
  • Visual Effects: Transformers
  • Adapted Screenplay: There Will Be Blood (or No Country)
  • Original Screenplay: Juno (or Michael Clayton)

I’m disappointed that Across the Universe didn’t get nominated for Best Picture–it certainly deserved it. It’s a pity that the Score category is best “original” score–which disqualifies the amazing Across the Universe soundtrack from winning.

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Two truths and a lie: Mark Egge is an outdoor enthusiast, opera singer, and a transportation data scientist. He lives in Bozeman, Montana.
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