There’s Something Wrong With Love

oinkrev.gifAs you may already know, the popular private BitTorrent Tracker was shut down a few days ago by Interpol. There seems to be lots of misinformation concerning OiNK floating around on the internet. For clarification: users did not “pay” for membership. Furthermore, the site did not exist solely for pirating pre-release albums. Inevitably, as a popular BitTorrent tracker, albums were often released on OiNK before their official release. seems to have it right, though, including an IRC chat log with OiNK’s 24 year old founder**, who is currently out on bail awaiting trail in December.

It’s been a sad few days for each of OiNK’s 180,000 active users, who anxiously await this latest turn in the cat-and-mouse battle against online piracy.

(** a vegetarian, by the by.)

We’ve had a few days of exceptionally nice weather in Bozeman (highs in the 70′s), continuing a long and beautiful fall. That last few days have been so nice, in fact, that I pulled my flip flops (my trusty Rainbows) and set out for my European Intellectual History class. ‘Bout 2:00 this afternoon (in Business Law, as it happened), I noticed something that had happened over the last three weeks or so of wearing shoes on a day-to-day basis: my toenails were ALL hideously long. Disturbingly so. I tried not to think about it… and hoped that no one else noticed. And promptly trimmed my toenails, as soon as I got home.

snowplow.jpgNo flip-flops tomorrow, though: they’re expecting snow. Whoo!

Speaking of snow, I’ve happened upon a delicious beer for the coming snows: Snow Plow, brewed by Widmer Brothers Brewing out of Portland. It’s reminiscent of classic cream stout–dark, hoppy and smooth–but with a distinctive flavor of snow. I didn’t really enjoy it until tonight when I took one outside, under a snow-threatening sky in the dropping mercury.

Ah. Snow. Winter seasonal beers. And … snow. The end of the semester in sight. It’s a good season… a good time of the year.

About Mark Egge

Two truths and a lie: Mark Egge is an outdoor enthusiast, opera singer, and a transportation data scientist. He lives in Bozeman, Montana.
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3 Responses to There’s Something Wrong With Love

  1. jaderobbins says:

    I bet if he ate meat they wouldn’t have shut him down, just given him a stern man-to-man talking to.

  2. Upidivl says:

    Yeah, instead of a man-to-woman talking to like what is going to happen.

    Haha, nothing like a good vegetarian bashing in the morning!

  3. markegge says:

    Funny… I would think that pigs would be fond of vegetarians…