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Terminal velocity around a 90 degree corner

pedalpedalpedalpedal pedal pedal … tssST! CSSHT!!! whua… WHAM! BAM! … Ow. … OW!

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An impromptu top ten list…

1. The Decemberists2. Sleeping in3. Coffee4. Mangoes5. Eggs6. Bikes7. Sunshine8. Mountains9. Beer10. Songs about international spies with booming refrains11. Counting

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An actual conversation…

8:29 a.m. – Mark sleeps peacefully (having accidentally turned off his alarm at 6:00…). Andrew pounds on door: *bam!*bam!*bam!* Me: “Whua…”Andrew: “Mark, have you seen the muffin pan?”Me: “Uh … the muffin man?”A: “No, the MUFFIN PAN!”M: “Who lives on … Continue reading

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from the house…

“Sometimes… I just don’t want to hug people. And sometimes, I just haven’t hugged anyone in a while, and I don’t want them to feel special.” ~Andrew

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21 Club No More

No… I’m not unexpectedly turning 22 tomorrow. Actually, I’m rather fond of being 21. I think I’m going to stay 21 for a while… at least if I have anything to do with it. Rather, what I’m referring to is … Continue reading

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Ten Things I Hate About MS(U)

Since this isn’t likely to ever see the light of day in print form, I guess I’ll go ahead and put it here. That’s what I have this silly thing (er … blog) for, anyway, right? — (The Best and … Continue reading

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Movie Pirate!

Yaar! The Procrastinator Theatre works! If the PIT continues to generate revenue like it has this weekend, it should more than double last year’s revenue! I just need to learn to curb my pop-corn making impulses… tonight is the second … Continue reading