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There are two parts to this. The following post about my weekend, and an announcement that follows many of you may not be too surprised to at. I need a new toothbrush. This weekend I went with my friend Amp … Continue reading

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An Announcement

I will be returning to Montana State for the spring semester. I am returning early for the single reason that the quality and availability of education for a native English speaker at Thammasat is severely limited. Talking to one of … Continue reading

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Fighting spam with google

For the last four months or so, I’ve been receiving an increasing amount of spam. Granted, my filter gets 99.9% of it for me, but I’ve been a little disconcerted just by the fact that the amount I receive seems … Continue reading


On A More Personal Note

I have twenty minutes until I need to leave to get to campus, and my cup-of-noodles is still too hot for me to eat, so I guess it’s time to put throw together an update of life. (edit: it took … Continue reading


Look Twice

Walking down the street. Just sleeping there…

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Feel Good

Today was generally solid. I saw some temples this morning (including a 53m golden, reclining Buddha), went to a couple classes this afternoon, ate some wonderful ice cream this afternoon, and headed down to Siam Square tonight, with one destination … Continue reading


This is fun. After a month or so of being here, I speak about as much Thai as the average Thai speaks English. Which is to say that I hardly speak it at all– enough to know my numbers, ask … Continue reading

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