All I Ask of You

Ah– what a wonderful day. I slept through my 10:00 class, not waking up until ~1:00. Once up I went and ate some food, and then eventually joined in a game of ultimate and played for a couple hours on a wet, muddy field. After that I ate more food and eventually went to Assualt on Precinct 13 with Ken, which was a great action movie. After that we came back and played some games (including a game of AOM where I got my ass owned) and now I’m going to bed.

I’m going on a hike tomorrow w/ Mr. Ben & Co, so I need to be well rested.

What a great Friday. =)

About Mark Egge

Two truths and a lie: Mark Egge is an outdoor enthusiast, opera singer, and a transportation data scientist. He lives in Bozeman, Montana.
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