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It’s 1:14AM. Ben’s making pasta. I’m avoiding homework. Needless to say, it’s Monday morning.

As I write this the Northern Lights illuminate the Bozeman sky. Awesome fails as an adequate descriptor of their overwhelming immensity and splendor. The way that they pulse and grow and flash and move– film could never do justice and … Continue reading

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Yeah. So the egg in the upper left hand portion of my page navigation? It’s blue now. How ’bout that. You’re probably wondering why. I am too…(not that I mind it being blue– it makes a subtle suggestion of the … Continue reading



What a pleasant day it’s been! I was awakened this morning by Amy, telling me it was time to get up for the Quads Academic Pentathalon. I drug myself out of bed, grabbed a pop-tart and a shirt, and wandered … Continue reading

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1. I set a new personal record tonight, running six miles in ~47 minutes (5×8.00min, 1×7.00min). Go me. I’m afraid that there’s some competitive element motivating me to do this… but even if that’s the case, so what? I’m running … Continue reading

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CNN collected some very interesting statistics to go along with the election which can be found here: I’m thoroughly frustrated. Here’s why: 45% of Americans disapprove of the decision to declare war on Iraq. Of that 45%, however, more than … Continue reading


A Cheyenne high school teacher I have a lot of respect for challenges students who use the word “progress.” He asks them “where is progress? what IS progress? show me ONE instance of progress in the world and you can … Continue reading



If you haven’t seen this yet (“Our Land,” from, I’d reccommend it: Today, being election day, was a MSU holiday, meaning no classes. I really should have capitalized on the day, but that would have involved getting up … Continue reading

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