“I wouldn’t even tie my shoe laces without a backup plan.” -Heist

Tonight was great. It started by watching a movie called Monsoon Wedding with my T&C class across campus. The movie itself was the chronicle of an upper-class(or upper-caste, in the case) Indian (dots) wedding. The wedding and its traditions were as beautiful as the film’s direction and cinematography, creating a wonderful experience for me, as the viewer.

Walking out from the film, I was greeted with two inches of fresh snow (it was cold, but certainly not even hinting of snow when I walked to the movie). The snow was coming down in what’s perhaps the largest flakes I’ve ever seen: overwhelmingly beautiful and serene. Back at the Quad, however, things certainly weren’t peaceful. During the next hour or so, I participated in a massive snowball fight. There were 20-30 people involved making for good times.

When I eventually tired of the snowball fight, I went inside, changed into the pajama pants and a hoodie, and made coffee & cookies, which I enjoyed while watching The Big Lebowski. I haven’t yet formed an opinion as to the movie, other than to say that it had some very humorous parts.

With The Big Lebowski finished, I started into Heist (4/5 stars), the quintessential heist movie. Although there was nothing outstandingly unique or original about it, Heist was entertaining from start to finish with no shortage of plot twists and turns to keep the viewer on one’s toes. Great performances by Gene Hackman and Danny DeVito added character and flavor; the ending, in my estimation, was just about perfect. Overall, the movie was clever and well executed, and well worth the watch.

It is now 2:49AM, and I have homework to be doing. But it’s Thursday night, which means that I’m not going to bed. I have a paper to write, and some French homework to do (not to mention some chem catchup so I don’t fail the next test).

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Two truths and a lie: Mark Egge is an outdoor enthusiast, opera singer, and a transportation data scientist. He lives in Bozeman, Montana.
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One Response to “I wouldn’t even tie my shoe laces without a backup plan.” -Heist

  1. Sagar1586 says:

    monsoon wedding was honestly what a traditional indian wedding is like. they are AMAZING. and a whole CRAP load of fun because the night before you get to gerba and dandia ross (indian stick dancing… just go with it)