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Angry yuppies and an unintended role-reversal

This afternoon, Sagar and I drove down to Loveland to see Juno. The movie was quite good (despite a criminally scratched scratched 6th reel–the sort scratched that, running a second-run theater (like I do) makes one mutter angry things under … Continue reading

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White, dancing bile. / Bitter, black snow.

I spent some time on a gorgeous, sun-yellow, swing tonight. It was snowing: thick, heavy, flakes–swirling white in the ambicked my legs, swinging higher, and higher. Then, in that downward whoosh that follows, I found myself recounting, out loud, an … Continue reading

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I <3 Gmail (and Google, in general)

For some reason, the amount of spam I receive spiked precipitously about three weeks ago. Can’t explain it. After five years of having an email address on my own domain, with limited, if any, spam control, it’s something I’ve grown … Continue reading

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Critical Mass

nyYAAAAAAaar! … Or, I mean, how else does one say, “the semester’s over. For better, and for worse, the semester’s over.” How else does one say, “why didn’t I study those extra three hours? How does McCarty justify such draconian … Continue reading

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your fever will all be around

The SUB Theatre projection booth redesign began today. … It’s curious– the above probably means very little to all except for one or two. But for me … it means the world. For me, the above is … ah. It’s … Continue reading


No Sleep For Young Audiences…

I can’t stop thinking about No Country For Old Men. I need to see it again. My consistent criticism of Westerns–regardless of their “greatness”–is their abject failure to conjure a sense of the “plains”, of the “west” … that sense … Continue reading

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the end of the snowball…

It seems I survived the week. Whoo! Actually, in terms of academics, this was a rather uninteresting dead week. That’s fortunate, though. The “big” Procrastinator meeting happened Friday morning. I haven’t had a night where I was unable to sleep … Continue reading

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with a little more time, and a 6-leaf clover…

Hey. Wait. What happened? How is it … 1:30 am? Wasn’t it just 9:00 a few minutes ago? Herbert Hoover once wrote, “Bessed are the young, for they shall inherit the national debt.“ Yaar! This theater is eating my life. … Continue reading

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Dear Whoever Just Send Me A Text-Message,

Dear Whoever Just Send Me A Text-Message, I don’t mean to be rude. I’m not intentionally ignoring your text. It’s just that … Well, if you didn’t already know … Fine, I’ll go ahead. I’ll say it. I’ll let you … Continue reading

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How To Lose At Doing the Dishes

How to Lose At Doing Dishes A Short Story by Andrew Albers Hello. My name is Andrew, and I live in a house with three other guys. None of us particularly like doing dishes, but we all agree: they need … Continue reading